Travelling is a hobby that seems to have a massive audience; people enjoy moving from one destination to the next for different reasons. People travel for adventure, relaxation, sports, entertainment, and discovery of new horizons and in search of fine weather. The travel industry is a busy one but it is also highly competitive and hard to outshine the huge brands already established, however with determined effort and brilliant strategic tactics, you can easily attract more customers and retain them to your company. Thanks to SEO Travel Marketing for these tips…


A unique brand is what defines your travel company and distinguishes it from the rest. People want a brand that they can relate to, something captivating, informative and entertaining at the same time. A brand is like a persona, if it can relate to you, then it can communicate to others too. Effective brands are able to sell products and service the consumer appropriately. Great brands give a consumer something they can believe in, simple and recognizable anywhere.


Communication is not a one sided, both parties should be involved to create a sort of cohesion; consumers appreciate when they dialogue with a brand. Do not think that creating fliers and distributing them at every opportunity is too much, in fact distributing fliers gives you an opportunity to communicate directly with would be customers. It may not be possible to distribute all the fliers by yourself, invest in persons who represent your brand appropriately and are knowledgeable and approachable to your target audience.


Marketing is can be quite expensive, printing fliers and distributing them is effective but also costly. However, with social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest are some of the cost effective modes of travel marketing. Use stunning destination pictures and videos to communicate to the consumers. People trust recommendations from close friends or relatives on social media, so you can expect to reach a wider audience. The key when using social media is being active and updating regularly. You can also analyze the comments and use them to create new strategies and improve your services.


SMS is an effective way to reach your customers instantly. It allows you to send notifications, last minute deals and inform your customers of any changes. Most people hardly ignore SMS, so you are sure that your SMS will be read automatically. While email marketing is important, some people take too long to open their inbox while using SMS, the reaction is almost instant.


Blogging is an important way to reach out to your customers with helpful information, keep in touch and improve your website’s visibility to search engines. You can be able to share your own travel experiences, market new destinations and communicate directly with your customers. Your customers are also able to share their comments, which help you improve or create opportunities for new ideas.

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3 of the Best Places to Visit in England

Many people that visit England will simply fly in to London, take in all of its magnificent sites and then fly out again. What a shame this is. Whilst London is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world, there is so much more to see in England. Furthermore, with it being such a small country it never takes too long to get anywhere.

If you are wondering where the best places to visit in England are, then check out our top three here.

1. Cambridge

Just an hour from London, Cambridge is a beautiful city famed for its world leading University. Indeed the university buildings are magnificent and many are open to visitors allowing you to get inside and soak up some of the history of this renowned establishment. Cambridge is also famous for its punting experiences and no trip to Cambridge would be complete without having a go at punting on the River Cam!

2. Harrogate

In the north of England the town of Harrogate is the perfect setting for a leisurely few days. The town is just the perfect size to stroll around with some great boutique shops and plenty of fantastic places to grab some great food and drink. Harrogate is also blessed with lots of open space; the vast Stray is the ideal place to grab a picnic and have a lazy afternoon and Valley Gardens is a lovely place to stroll around with an ice cream and enjoy all of the beautiful flowers.

3. Manchester

The biggest city in the north, Manchester is a buzzing place with plenty going on for visitors. It has some fantastic museums including The Imperial War Museum, The Museum of Science and Industry and the National Football Museum. The quirky northern quarter has some brilliant bars and restaurants and the city has many great live music venues. Shopping in Manchester is first class with large department stores like Harvey Nichols and Selfridges as well as the indie Afflecks where you can pick up some one off items in its boutique stores.

3 Best Places to Visit in England